Membership Plan 3

Member to member licence - Bulk policy

Only £1.70* per student / per year

* + card service charge of 1.4% + postage

(40 minimum order)

The reduction in cost of these licences are based on a bulk order of 40 or more. Our billing system will allow less than 40 to be purchased but we reserve the right to add an additional charge which will increase the cost up to the value of Membership Plan 1 plus an administrative fee should you select less than 40 licences.

Before purchase please register your club with us

Notes on our billing system

If you go forward to purchase this licence our billing system will quote 'Tax' which may seem confusing.

We use Stripe as our financial intermediary and this costs us 1.4% of the transaction. 'Tax' will be the 1.4% charge.

Instead of profiting from using an online billing system we only want to pass on to you the exact cost to us, and no more.