Hi, welcome to my “me” page!

I’m just a simple Texas girl living in the tropical oasis of Florida. My two favorite things are my husband and my Pomeranian, Teddy Roosevelt.

The desire to design dresses has always been within me. I was a fashion major in college and studied abroad at London’s fashion renowned Regents University, so perhaps it was inevitable. Timing is everything.

I recently returned from holiday in England’s beautiful countryside of Gloucester and Yorkshire. My trip in many ways was the wellspring of my inspiration and passion.

When you see my Spring, Summer 2018 dress collection, I hope what comes to mind are: whimsy, flirty, classy, beauty, and creativity. Each dress has a story or theme. It is this uniqueness that makes each dress “one of a kind’. My patented dress design is what made me fall in love! Bringing back creative, delicate touches to the feminine wardrobe is a passion of mine. Living in the South, all women understand how fast chocolate can turn into fondue. With that in mind, my goal was to create a breathable and backless design. Call me bias, but there is something intimate and sensual about a woman revealing her back. It is much different than revealing a bust or bum, which can be very easy and common. My dresses can be worn to the most casual outing or to a special dinner rendezvous. (See Bra Options on Facts page)

The most rewarding part for me is bringing back effortless elegance to women’s fashion and making women look beautiful!

Thank you everyone for your love and support! Also, I could not take on this venture without the constant support and love of my husband. He is my website developer, my CFO, and so much more.

Keep Calm and Dress On!

Whitney Blake