Tiny House for Sale


  • 12 feet long, 7 1/2 feet wide and 13 feet tall (within all legal towing restrictions)
  • Kitchen area with small, 4 burner propane stove and oven
  • Salamander Hobbit woodstove
  • Spray-foam insulation rated at R21
  • Loft with queen sized bed and full sitting headroom for two
  • Table that easily seats four and folds down for additional sleeping area
  • Interior and exterior siding is reclaimed cedar
  • Reclaimed hardwood birds-eye maple floor, reclaimed alder counter and table
  • LOTS of storage
  • Wired for 110 with a plug that can be attached via extension cord to any power source. Built with Solar power in mind, with a place to store 4 12v batteries and other solar equipment.
  • Three lights with independent switches and three sockets, one GFCI and two with USB ports
  • Sturdy dual axle trailer with 5 new tires, working lights and brakes. Currently registered in Utah
  • Weighs 6000 lbs
  • NO BATHROOM OR PLUMBING (please see note at bottom of "a few more things" for more information)

We are selling our tiny house, built in the summer of 2017. My husband and I built this small home last summer with plans of living in it over the winter and hopefully beyond, but plans have changed and I think, despite it's small size, it's still just too much house for us (we've been living out of the back of a truck for our professional career for the past 6 years). We are both very proud of this house and our work and are sad to see it go.

It is built on a dual axle trailer to alleviate bumper weight while towing; it has all new tires and professionally installed brakes and is currently registered in Utah. The walls are framed with 2x4s and the sheathing is 1/4" birch plywood (not OSB) that has been coated in epoxy(unused new wood from a climbing gym), then covered with Tyvek and finally finished with reclaimed cedar and corrugated metal. All of the windows are new and double paned. Knowing we were going to be wintering in Montana we decided to go with professionally installed spray-foam insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor (rated at R21), keeping it very cozy despite the sub-zero temperatures this winter. Heat is provided by a Hobbit woodstove and honestly at times just using the propane stove to cook warms the house enough to keep it cozy. The roof is also corrugated metal, though we used new material instead of reclaimed for that! The door is reclaimed cedar, as well, made custom for us by a friend.

The interior is covered in reclaimed cedar and has a natural slate tile entryway and then reclaimed hardwood birds eye maple floor from a high school gym. The counter and table are made from reclaimed alder. There's loads of storage built into the house--we currently have two pack-rafts, paddles and pfds, backpacking packs, sleeping bags and other camping supplies, as well as a pressure canner, lots of mason jars full of food, bows, arrows, sewing and crafting supplies and more all tucked into the storage areas, with room to spare. There are shelves for books, food and linens as well pots and pans. We've baked bread and roasts in the oven and the range works great.

We did all of the construction ourselves, with lots of consulting from friends who are professional woodworkers, roofers, finish carpenters and more, so while we are not professional builders we did build this solid and to last. It weighs about 6000 lbs and tows great behind our older diesel ford F250.

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I'm sure there's a lot I forgot to include, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.