Refund Policy

2020 Tomahawk Toss Refund Policy

**Entry fees are $450 (includes a $150 non-refundable deposit).

**Heavy rains or snow immediately prior to the event that causes the entire event to be cancelled will result in a partial refund. This is typically around 60% of the tournament entry fees (but depends on unrecoverable expenses such as facility rentals, umpire fees, insurance, sanctioning fees, field maintenance, materials, golf cart rental, administrative fees, etc.).

**Any weather condition that occurs (rain, snow, sleet, etc.) after you have played one game will result in a refund of around 30%. We will make our best efforts to play games. A game is considered a game for rainout purposes once the first pitch has been thrown.

**If two or more games are played, there will be no refund.

**Any team that withdraws from the tournament after May 1st will forfeit their entry fee.

**Any and all gate fees are non-refundable.