Model and Motive

Physical therapist available for consultation at the home for individuals with concerns that have been consistent (staying the same) and lasting over 1-2 weeks (often years). As a cash basis service it may be provided in addition to other courses of care without creating conflict. This model requires very minimal equipment and allows for reduced cost per visit or service.

I feel very comfortable allowing clients who are working with other providers (chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists) to continue their primary course of care. I have interacted with hundreds of clients in multiple military clinics with other physical therapists who could provide appropriate rehabilitation programs and could identify areas or specific muscles with dysfunction but who were not trained to perform dry needling. This would lead to within clinic referrals and this became a comfortable interaction for all who were involved.

What is the motive for providing this service?

I have observed friends and neighbors while living in the state of Washington who did not have access to this service based on legal limitations (physical therapists were not legally authorized to provide dry needling) but instead saw how they dealt with chronic pain with increasing costs. While I could provide my service for TriCare beneficiaries on a military installation I was not allowed to do the same for my non-military friends and neighbors. My desire is to help people know what they are looking at and to reduce their pain as much as I can in a more cost efficient method.