Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Lab for Construction


About Us

The DAC explores various types of data in the construction industry. This lab seeks data-driven solutions for smarter decision making throughout the project life cycle.

The construction industry is behind the other industry sectors in taking advantage of ever growing digital data created from multiple sources at the departmental, organizational, and industry levels for intelligent business decisions. Statistics, simulation, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence techniques, and natural language processing techniques are some of the representative methodologies used by the lab researchers.

Some specific applications include:

a) Big data analytics for construction data

b) Infrastructure asset management – asset deterioration pattern prediction models

c) Construction cost estimating and cost index models

Digital Project Delivery

The adoption of various advanced computerized technologies such as 3D modeling, LiDAR, Geographic Information System (GIS), E-Construction, and automated machine guidance (AMG) is making a transformative change in how project information is produced, exchanged, and managed throughout the life cycle of a construction project from an analog to a digital data based system. The significant improvement of data and information sharing between project participants and across various project development stages is possible with a model based project delivery process, and digital data transfer systems, which will, in turn, translate into increased productivity, efficiency in project delivery, accountability of decisions.

However, in current practices, digital data and information of construction projects and assets are being used and managed independently in proprietary formats by separate project participants.

We are passionate about developing new theories, processes and implementable tools to accelerate the industry’s transition to digital data based project delivery.