Special Kids Parent Group

of Hillsborough


Special Kids is one of the parent groups under the umbrella of the Associated Parents' Groups of Hillsborough (APG) and is facilitated by a group of dedicated parent volunteers. Our mission is to foster a learning environment throughout the Hillsborough City School District (HCSD) that supports students with a variety of learning styles, such as those in Special Education or with a 504 Plan. To accomplish this, we work collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff, and district personnel with the goal of helping all HCSD students achieve their full potential. We also support parents who are exploring whether or not their children may be eligible for the type of supports Special Education or 504 Plans offer.

Ongoing Volunteer Projects:

Parent Networking and Education

Annual Events:

      • We typically host a "Special Kids Parent Group Coffee" in the Fall where we invite District Personnel to give parents an update on programs and services and we ask for feedback from parents about what is going right for special learners in our District and what could be improved; Special Kid volunteers then update parents periodically throughout the year on how issues are being addressed
      • We also coordinate a High School Night for Parents of Special Learners in the Fall that ideally includes a speaker from the San Mateo Unified High School District (SMUHSD) as well as a panel of parents whose students have recently made the transition to 9th grade, both to public and private school placements
      • In the Spring we facilitate a "Transition to Crocker Coffee" with Crocker staff for parents of 5th Grade special learners
      • Finally, we also host 2 additional networking / parent education events throughout the year; we welcome suggestions from parents of whom they would like to hear speak!


      • The Special Kids Parent Group informs parents of special learners of upcoming events of interest and keeps an evolving list of Resources for families to consult - see Resources
      • For parents who feel they would benefit from additional parent to parent support, we also coordinate parent buddies - i.e. Hillsborough parents who have children in similar placements or who have a similar diagnosis; if you would like to have a parent buddy or you would like to be available to be a parent buddy, please email: specialkidsofhillsborough@gmail.com
      • To encourage parent-to-parent sharing of resources and mentoring, we are launching an Online Directory of preferred providers (e.g. doctors, therapists, etc.) that Hillsborough parents recommend to work with their children with special needs. Fill out our intake form for access to the Special Kids Parent Group Online Directory.




    • The President of the Special Kids Parent Group attends monthly APG Board meetings with Presidents from North, South, West and Crocker Parent Groups, the President of the Hillsborough Schools Foundation, the HCSD Superintendent, and a HCSD Trustee in an effort to increase awareness of special learners in our school community and to advocate for district-wide improvements of our special education programs
      • Special Kids also works directly with the APG Secretary, Student Services, and district-wide volunteers in creating an All Schools Directory in the Fall that is inclusive of all families but is simultaneously respectful of families' privacy concerns
    • The President also represents HCSD at monthly San Mateo County SELPA Resource Parent meetings, with the goal of learning about upcoming events that might be of interest to Hillsborough families and staff and also becoming aware of best practices from similar Parent Groups in other school districts