Looking for a Scopist?

Julia Sadler

Scopist using Case CATalyst Edit Software


My Background:

During my time at UC Berkeley, I developed analytical skills by creating accurate, cited historical reports for my history professors. Standards were high, with complex, error-free reports as the norm. My love for writing and grammar were instrumental in graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2001. This led me to Gateway Community College's court reporting program in 2005, where I quickly found an affinity for scoping. The curriculum included legal and medical terminology courses, Steno theory, transcription and extensive Case CATalyst Edit software training.


I know that court reporters are busy, and I strive to take as little of your time as possible. Your filling out the PREFERENCE SHEET and sending a sample file means that questions are less likely. Referring to a sample (PDF or a Case CATalyst file) of a typical case helps me to see your formatting and punctuation preferences.


Unless I'm told otherwise, I'll follow these protocols when scoping for you: Email the completed job to you, zipped, WITHOUT the audio file; return the finished file with the original file name, followed by my initials, "JS."

If you have a Dropbox account, feel free to create a folder for me and I'll just pick up the file. It's very helpful if you include both of our names when naming a new folder.

Alternatively, we can use your SendThisFile account.

If there are spots where the audio is challenging and I can't confirm what's being said, I'll leave scanstops (F8) to bring it to your attention. I'll also leave a Hidden Comment/Push-Pin (also searchable by using F8) if I need to leave a note.

If at all possible, I'll contribute to your Title/Index/Appearance pages. If you use Auto Indexing, once I have your template, I can usually follow a sample.


There will be no charge for the first 20 pages.

Feel free to send a small test file

to see if we're a good fit!

I keep a schedule of all the work that I receive so that I don't overbook myself. If I'm unable to get your transcript back within the turnaround time you've requested, I'll let you know (before accepting your work) the soonest I can get it back to you. If that date's acceptable to you, we'll use it as the due date and we'll use the 5-day turnaround charge.

If I receive a transcript on Monday for a 5-day turnaround, Saturday evening will be my due date.

However, if I receive that transcript late in the day on Monday, I'll consider it received on Tuesday, and Sunday evening will be my due date.

Don't worry, I'll include a small summary of the due date and pricing when I accept your job, just to make sure we are both absolutely clear.


I'll send you an invoice for work completed along with the finished job. You can transfer the fee to my account using Zelle Pay or Google Pay, and I'll email a receipt when the funds are in my account.

Initially, payment is due after each job. Eventually, I'll send an invoice twice a month.

Whew! That's enough of the nuts and bolts! If you're ready to get a clearer idea of my scoping capabilities, click on the Preferences link above and you'll see what I concern myself with when scoping. Each reporter has a unique set of preferences, and I do my best to accommodate them. Constructive feedback is welcome.

If you'd like more information, email me at the following address. I look forward to meeting you!

Julia Sadler