Revolutionary Love 2019: The Movie

50 Black Queer Men on Pride@50

  • Take part in a new kind of collaborative film-making; using your smartphone
  • Pinkwash? Rainbow-overload? Vital celebration? Political demo? Have your say on Pride in 2019
  • Create a vibrant record of our community for future generations
  • Be part of it - #makingspaceforus

Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera

It started with a riot - Pride@50

50 Years since trans women of colour led an uprising for queer rights at the Stonewall Inn, New York, marches and events celebrating LGBTQ Pride and demanding equal rights have been rallying points for change, and markers for social acceptance.

The tone of Pride events in many countries has shifted from anti-establishment protest to corporate-endorsed party; while in others they remain highly contested, life-endangering, political/civil rights demonstrations. Discussions about what Pride events are for, and what Pride means fifty years after Stonewall, continue unabated.

BlackOut are inviting 50 Black queer men based in the UK to share their experiences of Pride events on film over the summer of 2019. Using innovative technology, 50 men will collaborate with each other to create a new, crowd-sourced, documentary film. The film will be used to amplify the voices of Black queer men, and remind Pride movements about what is really important to us about Pride@50.

Revolutionary Love?

Black men loving black men is the revolutionary act

Find out how BlackOut is honouring revolutionary love for Pride2019

Fly The Flag @ Pride 2019

BlackOut is working with Budweiser UK and eight other grass roots LGBTQ organisations at Pride in London to highlight the strength in diversity within our LGBTQ community of communities.

How You Can star in 'Revolutionary Love: The Movie'

Step 1

If you identify as a Black man, who is bi, gay, trans, and/or queer, complete this simple application form to let us know a bit more about you and which Pride events (if any) you are planning on attending.

Step 2

Download the app to your phone - IOS or Android.

Create an account and join project RL01

Step 3

Watch the intro video, take 10 minutes to get to know how the app works and try it out by completing the introduction exercise

Step 4

Set your start date for 3 days before the Pride event you have identified, and when prompted by the app, record your response to the question/task set.

No task requires more than one-minute of recording (most are shorter), but may take some preparation e.g. asking for a comment from a friend or keeping a look out for an image to capture.

The app will prompt you to provide some final reflections a couple of days after the Pride event you attended

The making of . . . Revolutionary Love 2019

5 editors = 5 films

We will appoint five talented, emerging film-makers and invite them to create a short film each, using the crowd-sourced content

Who Wins, You Decide

In association with our friends at Fringe Film Festival, we will launch a competition and invite BlackOut community members to vote for their favourite film online

pride 2019: The LEgacy

In LGBT History Month 2020, we will announce the winner and host a central London premiere screening and event to discuss the future of Pride, informed by the views of Black queer men.

Crew Studio

We're excited to be working with Crew Studio from WTV. Crew Studio is a simple and smart mobile app designed to harness the power of individuals to create collaborative, authentic video content. It turns global communities into professional film crews with defined tasks, smart in-camera features and filming tips.

ways you can help

Please share this page with the Black queer men you know and encourage them to take part.

Please contact BlackOut if you'd like to support the post-production activity and/or distribution of the film outputs - this work is experimental, breaking new ground both in terms of content and method, with a demographic that is too rarely centred in media content.

We are keen to continue to innovate and to create new insights to inform public discourse and, with Black queer men, to address patterns of inequality and injustice. We remain keen to work with others who share this aspiration.

BlackOut will be launching its 2019 fundraising campaign, the BlackOut Voice Fund at Pride in London on 6 July. Donations to the fund will contribute to initiatives that amplify the voices of Black queer men, share digital media skills in creating content, and support opportunities for dialogue among Black queer men and with the communities of which they are part.

Please consider making a donation if you can, so that we can continue to innovate and build on our work generating new forms of authentic media content.

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