The Panic! at the Disco rainbow hearts project was started by two girls named Eva and Briar! They both wanted to spread love and acceptance and unite the Panic! fandom to celebrate everyone’s mutual love of music as well as everyone’s diversity in sexuality, race, religion, background, etc. So they started the project, cutting out thousands of rainbow paper hearts to be held up during Girls/Girls/Boys on the July 1, 2016 show (Mansfield, MA) of the Panic! summer Tour with Weezer. After seeing so many happy people, they knew they had to do the project again! For the first show of the Death of a Bachelor Tour, February 24, 2017, they made even more hearts and it became a huge success. Many excited fans reached out wanting to help, and this allowed the hearts to be at every show on the tour! This project is continuing to grow bigger and bigger, continuing to the Pray For the Wicked Tour with hearts at every single show! It is even going overseas!

Now, Eva and Briar organize the hearts to be at every show with the help of the many volunteers! (Go to the Volunteering tab to see how you can help!) The message of the heart project is that you can be whoever you want to be, and that you are never alone! You should never be afraid to be yourself. And if you feel like you don’t have people supporting you, everyone in the fandom has your back, holding up a heart, accepting you for who you are!

The rainbow hearts project is spreading love and acceptance all over the world, one paper heart at a time! ❤️

Love, Eva & Briar

More info:

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