Block Model States and Types

This section of the site should help to explain block models their states, and types.

Block models

are a bit more complex than item models so there is a lot to cover. Some things to consider when making a block model are the following. Will this block be smaller than a default block? (like a fence post) Will this block model going to be placed the direction your facing? Will this block model change shape when connecting to other block models?


will allow you to change the model and or the way the model looks per state. Whats a state? Well a state can be many things. Think of it kinda like this, when your custom model is connected to a stone block that is a state. When your custom block is placed and your player is facing west, that is also a blockstate since facing west is a state a block can be in. We will cover more on this later.

Transparent Blocks

these blocks are things like fence post, glass, and leaves. The reason these are special is within there name, they are transparent. This means any part of the model that is not covering the full default block area will show as clear. If you make a custom fence post on a non-transparent block then you will be able to see the cave systems under the map where the grass should. With a transparent block the grass under the custom fence post would remain clear or transparent.