The videos below should help to get you started with cubik studio. If you have never made a resource pack before I highly suggest that you watch EP:1 creating a template resource pack before you watch EP: 2 the basics.

EP: 1 This video covers how to make a Minecraft template resource pack. If you have never made a Minecraft resource pack before then you should start here. This video will help you learn where to place your custom Minecraft textures, where to export your custom Minecraft 3d models and a whole lot more!

EP: 2 This video covers most of the basic Cubik Studio features, you can consider this a overview of what Cubik Studio has to offer. This video does not show all of Cubik Studios features but some of the most commonly used ones.

EP: 3 This video covers how to make simple animations and fades on your 3D Minecraft models.

EP: 4 This video covers how to import an object file to create 3D Minecraft models.

EP: 5 This video video covers how to create models as damaged items. This will allow you to hide over 1500+ 3D Minecraft models on a single diamond tool.