Mountford Growing Community

MOUNTFORD GROWING COMMUNITY - is a community organisation seeking to strengthen community cohesion and health within Mountford Estate and the larger community throughout Hackney, London - through various activities including gardening, community meals and recipe sharing days. We are a voluntary organisation made up of local residents and anyone is welcome to join. We are creating an edible garden: planting fruit bushes and trees, edible flowers (like the nasturtiums above) and herbs. It will be beautiful and edible. If you have any suggestions or would like to know more please do get in touch on our contact page. We are looking for residents to share their recipes so we can make a Mountford Estate Recipe book, our recipe sharing days will happen at monthly intervals throughout the year. We will also be encouraging everyone in the local community to get involved with our gardening activities.

Throughout the year we have communal planting and digging days, fruit and herb picking days and the chance to share skills and recipes that use the food we grow. This garden will be a celebration of the culinary cultures of our diverse community. We are inclusive of everyone. Please visit our Events page to find out what community events are happening next. You can see a timeline of our planting activities in our Digging Days page.


9th JUNE 2018 FROM 7PM



Join us for live music from the Gypsy Jazz Band, Dunajska Kapelye at 7pm and then for a community pot luck meal after sunset at 9.30pm. The idea is that everyone brings a dish to share with each other.