As posted to the Original QRP-L list on Mon, Nov 18, 1996:

Hi Gang! My Jack Russell Terrier’s actual experience and my constant struggle to bag those furry QRP foxes each week was the inspiration for this poetic effort. I thought I’d share it with my QRP-L friends!

BY: Lahra KT9X Svare (formerly KJ7UN) QRP-L #790

The Fox –

I saw a fox, without antenna, sitting on a rock so cold.

And danced around him on the ground a terrier was so bold.

She barked and whined and jumped about to try to get him down.

The fox just shook and hissed at her beneath his frightened frown.

The terrier could not scale the rock, for her it was too high.

And so the fox did wait it out as slowly time passed by.

At long last the terrier tired, this fox had worn her out.

Besides, her bark was getting sore with every time she’d shout.

Begrudgingly, she walk away, her ears hung way down low.

And after she was far away, the fox could finally go.

And so this all just goes to prove, what this poem is about.

A fox is not so easily caught, with antenna or without!