I'm Imran, a freelance, graphic designer from Bangalore.

I learnt graphic design and animation software from Arena Animations Academy (Aptech), through a 2 year certification course called Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program (AAASP) between the years 2007-09.

I am highly efficient with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Corel draw.

I specialize in vector graphics like Logo designs, illustrations, and corporate branding solutions.


As a part of supplementary skill I have also got a handle of Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Sony Sound-booth, Adobe in-design, Adobe Flash, Toon Boom Animation, etc.

My areas of expertise are mostly print media due to my 3 years work experience with Printo Documents Pvt Ltd.

Which largely involve marketing print media - eg: Logo Design, Branding Design's, Pamphlets, Brochures, Flyers, Business cards, Posters, T-shirts and secondarily include personalized media like Mug's, Fridge Magnets, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Customized Laptop Skins, School labels, Diaries, Calendar’s, etc. The Anime related graphics and illustrations are a result of self-interest.

I have also worked with Media as content writer, and editor on project basis. Which has given me enough exposures to skill like Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe after effect.

My presentation skills are strong by product of having held sessions of public speech. The language of expertise is English, communication skills at expert level.

You would see some of my best work samples are listed on this site, My Deviantart account has most of my old design work from when I started doing this as hobby.

I also have problem solving experience from Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Apple and other companies summing up to a over 7 years.

I have been taking up projects as a hobby. Since Logo design is a convergence of problem solving skills, Creative skills and technical skills. I always enjoy taking up Logo design jobs.

I draw a lot of inspiration from Anime and Manga for my personal work. So, I just take up such tasks for free for friends and acquaintances.

My other hobbies include Religion and comparative religious studies, old school RTA games like Age of Mythology for PC and Yugioh for Mobile games.

I strongly believe in efficiency, professionalism and excellence.

If I were to describe myself in one word that would be “creative”.

I am currently taking jobs online as well as locally, you can reach me at my email address given at the bottom of the website.

“I may be in Bangalore yet I am just a call away”


Logo for a Perfume Brand

The perfume company "aroma" is a start up, that specializes in perfumes.

They needed a logo that shows that they are in the business of scent or perfumes.

I had full freedom to work with, however it was important to be legible as it would be quiet frequently used as print for small size stickers on the perfume bottles.

The brand name is simple and straight forward, while it also needed to have room for any possible changes in the future as they were not settled with the text yet.

Hence, the logo was designed to meet their needs while keeping it generic to be able to replace the text bit, thus retaining the graphic element to give clear meaning to their business.

Logo for Fruits e-Retailer

The company believes in empowerment of the people.

They wanted a logo to show that they are all about bridging the gap between the farmers and the customers through facilitation.

Hence the "H" of the logo represents the one way arrow denoting the on flow of direction for the goods from source to destination. while maintaining the bridge structure to connect the gaps.

The 'Harbest' was a culmination of best harvested produce for their consumers.

The result product being the service of bringing the farm fresh produce to the consumers directly, without a retail vendor or a store.

Logo for Transport company

This is one of the start up company that was passionate about their job with a passion to cover the whole country and an ambition to reach across the globe, while being deeply rooted to the nation, hence color red was used to express their passion.

As they were relatively new, they wanted a logo that is time-less so they wanted to ensure that their logo has the ability to be used across all the platforms and technologies.

The logo needed to help them in showing stability and long term relationship with their passengers.

They wanted a logo that symbolizes their constant activity and movement, this was achieved with the spiral nature of the logo.




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