1st May: We had a six player round robin which was won by Engin Ongel who won four of his five matches.

Backgammon as usual on Wednesday 22nd May. The draw will be made at 6.30pm. David Potter will be your TD.

Points race 2019:

  1. David Potter 58 (+7)
  2. Dan Clouke 57 (+9)
  3. Engin Ongel 57 (+12)
  4. Saravanan Sathyanandha 57 (+32)
  5. Mark Bernstein 56 (+5)
  6. Mike Ireland 56 (+17)

Full table

Wednesdays in London

The Duke of Somerset

15 Little Somerset St, London E1 8AH

Meet weekly on Wednesdays from 6pm. Play starts at 6.30pm. There is no charge to play.

We will be playing a 7 point swiss. The pool will be £10 each. Players not wishing to enter the pool will still be able to play but not win anything. We may alternatively play a knockout.

Saturday 15th June: All day Swiss from 11am. £15 entry + optional pools. Draw at 11:30. If you can't make till later we will be running additional games all day. The format will be two consecutive Swiss. Your position in the first will determine which Swiss you are in later on.

New for 2019, Points race. You get 1 point for turning up and you go 1 point ahead of your opponent when you win.

Duke of Sommerset

15 Little Somerset St, London E1 8AH

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Everyone Welcome

Everyone is welcome to come along from beginners to experts. We have a friendly and welcoming environment in a traditional pub situated in the financial district of London. We do ask you to buy something from the bar as we need to keep the landlord happy.

Parking is difficult and we recommend you use public transport.

Our Mission

As regular players, our aim is to have a fun filled evening with as many games as you want to play. Meet from 6pm. Play underway from 6.30pm.

Always remember that backgammon is a fun game and to respect the people you play.

All games are played in accordance with the UKBGF rules. Matches will count towards your UKBGF rating.

What is a Swiss

At City Gammon we play either a variable stake Swiss where your prize is in proportion to your stake, or a fixed stake where you get your money back for winning two of your three matches or an equal share of the remaining pool if you win three out of three matches. There may be any number of players in the Swiss tournament.

Backgammon clubs in London

Look on the UKBGF Clubs listing for details and find out what's going on in LondonBackgammon on Facebook


  • Camden (last Monday of month)
  • Clapton (3rd Monday of month)
  • Ealing Common (1st Monday of month)
  • East Finchley (2nd Monday of the month)
  • Wansted (4th Monday of month)
  • Walthamstow (last Monday of month)


  • St Albans (Weekly)
  • Fulham (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month)


  • CityGammon (Weekly)
  • Hampton Hill (Weekly)
  • Hanwell (2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month)


  • Ealing (Weekly)
  • Kensal Rise (Weekly)
  • Tolgate, Manor House (Weekly)


  • Holand Park (Weekly)
  • Tavistock Square (Alternate Sundays)
  • South London Backgammon - Croydon (Weekly)

You might also be interested in joining the tremendously successful London League where more than 120 people play 11-point matches in divisions of four players.