Why Learn to Swim?


This is the most important reason to learn to swim. Around 400 people die from drowning each year in the UK and much of this is preventable. Knowing how to swim does not make drowning impossible, it does however make it much less likely. We teach water safety from a very young age, even are youngest swimmers are taught to jump into the pool as far as they can, and swim to the wall to get out. We teach floating and treading water all vital skills in an aquatic emergency. Children learn pool rules, how to dive and jump in safely and also what to do in case of an emergency.


Discipline is essential as the pool can be a dangerous place. Kids learn the rules and the consequences of not following them in a friendly positive way, in our experience when the kids see it's for their own good discipline comes easy. Swimming also teaches self-discipline: swimming is not an easy sport to master so swimmers learn to constantly keep trying in order to improve, especially when competing with the other members of the their ability group.


Confidence is also a big part of learning how to swim. The more your child learns and the more they are improving, the more confident they will become in the water. The more confident they become, the more things they will want to try. Swimming is all about self-belief: if you think you can do it you usually can. Once your child has overcome their fears and learnt to swim, it’s a wonderful boost for self-esteem which will help them in any area of life. Our step by step awards scheme regularly boosts their self-esteem account by accurately charting their progress and rewarding each achievement.

Social Skills

Children also learn social skills in swim lessons. They have the opportunity to interact with other students and the instructor. They learn to take turns, share, and respect each other. They talk to one another and form friendships. They learn the importance of listening and paying attention, along with being polite and having patience.

Physical Activity

Swim lessons will get your kids away from the TV, computer, and video games for a little bit each week. It will get the off them couch for a little bit. It will give them some exercise. With the obesity epidemic, especially in children, it is important to get some exercise to help keep kids healthy (along with a well balanced diet).

There are many reasons why it is important to learn how to swim. These are only just a few. I'm sure if you asked anyone why they think it is important to learn to swim, they could give you many different reasons also. So, definitely get your kids out there to learn to swim. Furthermore, if you don't know how to swim yourself, it's never too late so learn now!