Qualifications and Certifications

Legal Protections

  • Liability Coverage Insurance through Pet Sitters Associates
  • Broadened property damage coverage & bond through Pet Sitters Associates
  • Registered business through the state of Colorado

Professional Affiliations and Certifications

  • Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR, and completion of PetSaver course through PetTech
  • Member of PetSit USA

We want to get better at what we do for your pets, and we'd love to join more organizations and take certification courses that make that happen. See the "Support Us" link under the "More" tab to learn how you can help!

Volunteerism and Work Experience

  • Seven years in veterinary kennel care (we are not certified in veterinary or vet tech practices and cannot give medical advice)
  • Two years in pet retail, with a focus on educating pet parents about proper nutrition.
  • Volunteer for The Perch parrot cafe and adoption center.
  • Past volunteer for Black Forest Animal Sanctuary.

We are looking for more specialty rescues and organizations within in the Colorado Springs area. Please call or e-mail if you know of a local organization that needs volunteers, and that has a focus in specific kinds of pets (like reptiles, as an example).