Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell pets?

No, we are not a pet store or a rescue.

I need to re-home my pet. Will you take it?

Sorry, but no. We are not a rescue center, but we may be able to help you find one.

How much does this cost?

See the "Rates and Services" tab at the top of the page for specific prices. Generally, our costs are determined by how much time it will take us to care for your pet and accomplish any other tasks you have assigned to us.

Do you board pets?

At this time, no, we do not have a physical facility. We would love to open one in the future, but this is unlikely to happen soon.

I see a lot of stuff about exotic pets. Do you not take care of cats and dogs?

We absolutely will take care of cats and dogs. A lot of our experience actually stems from working with cats and dogs in the veterinary setting for many years. We are also trained in cat and dog CPR. Most people have cats/dogs in addition to exotics, so it doesn't make sense to hire two sitters, now does it? At this time, we do NOT require you to own an exotic pet to request us as sitters; we just want exotic owners to feel comfortable knowing that we are here as an available option.

Will you take care of my horse, ducks, or other large pet that lives outdoors on my land?

Absolutely. Just follow the regular pre-sitting procedures so that there is time to show us around and we can ask any necessary questions.

At this time we do not offer horse riding.

For our own safety, we cannot care for any horse or large animal that has a history of aggression, biting, or kicking.

Do you sell products or have a retail store?

Not at this time; however, we are exploring the idea of custom home-made cages from recycled furniture. Let us know if this is something that might interest you!

My pet is super rare and unusual. How do I know if you can take care of it?

We'll answer this on a case-by-case basis, but odds are that if it's a pet that you purchased from a breeder or a pet store, we can take care of it. We will only care for pets that are legal to own in Colorado, and reserve the right to refuse a pet that we feel we are unqualified to care for. If an initial meeting is arranged, and we determine that we are not qualified to care for your pet, the fee of the initial meeting will be waived.

PLEASE CALL AHEAD with plenty of notice, so that we can do as much research as possible and ask any necessary questions before sitting. We will make every effort possible and do as much preparation as necessary to make sure that we give you pet the best care possible.

Will you care for blacklisted dog breeds like Pit Bulls or Rottweilers?

Yes! We do not discriminate based on breeds. However, we will not care for dogs who have a history of biting, regardless of breed, blacklisted or not.

If your dog doesn't have a history, but you are concerned that he/she could be territorial when you are not home (or really, if you have this concern with ANY pet. We've seen it happen with cats and birds too!), make sure to bring this up when you schedule your sitting and again at the initial meeting. We may do some relationship building and practice exercises to help make this situation as stress-free as possible.

What experience to you have? What makes you qualified to take care of my baby?

See "Qualifications and Certifications" under the "About" tab. In addition to everything listed there, we have a true passion for all creatures and driving determination to learn.