Health and Wellness Center


New guidelines being made include the following:

1. Each member will be limited to 1x 60-minute workout time slot a day, which they will be able to reserve up to 2 days in advance either through the website or app "Center Club Inc".

2. After every time slot we will be shutting down the gym for 30 min. for a deep clean of the facility.

3. We will be allowing 6 members in the facility during each time slot.

4. Temperatures will be taken of all staff and members when they enter the facility.

5. Masks be worn properly at all times while in the facility.

6. We divided the gym floor into different zones to allow for proper social distancing while working out.

* If you're interested in joining the Center Club and would like to take a tour of the facility. Please call to set up an appointment and we'll be happy to show you around. *

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Center Club Hours:

Mon - Fri 5:00a - 7:30p

Saturday CLOSED