Playable quests are here! Choose up to 30 and battle or even collect your way through them! Earn rewards and more!

CUstom Enchants

Custom Enchants are here. Use /ce to buy them or go to /warp customenchantshop and use /ce list to look at what they do!

Choose up to 30+ worth of enchants to apply to armor and tools!


Open up crates using crate keys! You can either get them through quests, giveaways, or even buy them through our webstore!

Opening up crates gives you access to so much loot!

We have a shop!

Use /shop to open up the shop menu and buy and sell items.

Sell items easier by doing /sell hand with an item in your hand!


Converse with players by creating a town and adding plots and more for other players to join the town and build in!

Auction House

Use /ah to open up the auction house. Buy and sell items!

Use /ah sell <price> for whichever item you are holding.

Money Drops

Killing mobs, fishing, and even mining will drop money on the server, having a donor rank will increase this! Or you can simply buy it as a perk!