Bell-graham & Wasco Orchestra program

Welcome to the Bell-Graham and Wasco Orchestra page!

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(Page updated 8/24/18)

When does orchestra start?

Your student will participate in weekly school day LESSONS in a small group as well as weekly morning orchestra REHEARSALS with the whole orchestra before school. Lessons begin the week of September 4. Morning orchestra rehearsals will begin the week of September 24th. Your student will not need to bring their instrument until then.

In school lessons are IN ADDITION TO before school rehearsals.

What orchestra is my student in?

Junior Strings: (beginning level) This orchestra is for 1st year beginners. If your student played a stringed instrument last year, they are either in Symphonic and/or Chamber. Students can begin a stringed instrument in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.

Symphonic Strings: (intermediate level) 4th graders who are in their second year of playing.

Chamber Orchestra: (advanced level) All 5th grade musicians in their 2nd or 3rd year of playing.

Lesson Schedules:

In our district’s efforts to help students achieve a balance in their academic schedule, we use a rotating lesson schedule. Students are assigned a lesson group number and have a designated day to have lessons. Their lesson time occurs during the school day and rotates a half hour later each week. (If they were at 9:00 last week, they will go at 9:30 the next week, and 10:00 the following week, etc.) Lesson groups are generally created by instrument, classroom, and level of playing. Schedules are currently being made and will be published and distributed to your student next week.


Who are the orchestra teachers?

-Mr. Andy Masters—Teaches Junior Strings, Symphonic, and Chamber Orchestra students @ Bell-Graham and Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra students at Wasco.

-Mrs. Lori Rollins—Teaches 3rd Grade Junior Strings students at Wasco. (She also teaches at Wildrose.)