Handmade earrings that bring HOPE to women in the Red Zone of San José, Costa Rica

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The Artisans you are supporting:

Casa Esperanza is a day-time refuge for women in prostitution in the Red Zone. Our main objectives there are:

  1. To create an escape from the tumultuous environment of the Red Light District, even if only for a cup of coffee, a prayer and a shower.

  2. To house the Free the Girls project (see below) and train women who are in prostitution skills and character qualities required to keep jobs, in order for them to have the opportunity to leave prostitution.

  3. To be a refuge of hope within a community of darkness, and present the gospel to those who may never be in a place where they can hear it.


Simple style earrings - ‎₡2,500 CRC or $5.00USD (per pair)

Double style earrings - 3,000 CRC or $6.00USD

Charm style earrings - 5,000 CRC or $10.00USD

Tassel style earrings - 5,000 CRC or $10.00USD

Find out more about our Hope House, our mission, and our story!
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