I Have My Ham License -- Now What?

If just got your license and you're not really sure what to do next, then this class is perfect for you.

So now you have your Ham radio license and you're ready to communicate and connect using radio. CERT Members and those in emergency management and those interested in doing public service events with their new Ham license will find this class especially useful, but everyone is welcome to attend.

It's a fun and informative hands-on, how-to-get-started class that will show you how to use your Ham radio license to communicate around the block and around the world.

This class will be fast and easy with no heavy technical jargon or concepts. New Hams and those who have been around a while will both find this class helpful.

You do not need a Ham radio license to attend this class. If you plan to get your license soon, this class will help get you going as soon as you do get your license.

If you have a handheld radio, bring it and be sure it's charged. Be sure to bring your manual in case help is needed in programming your radio.

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