Emergency Communications In A DisaSter

What will You Do When The Cell Phones Go Out?

By now it should be clear to everyone that a major disaster can happen at anytime. When the cell phones go out, how will you:

  • Find shelter, food and water?
  • Locate other survivors?
  • Find medical assistance?
  • Find out who's willing to swap lighters for fresh peaches.?
  • Let friends and loved ones know you're OK.
  • Communicate with your family in the disaster zone.
  • Keep informed of the critical news about recovery efforts?

The answer of course is Ham Radio! This fun and interactive class takes an in-depth look at how to prepare your communications for any major disaster.

  • What are the best radios to have
  • How you can get all the power you'll need for communications without a generator
  • Who you'll want to communicate with and why
  • How to send emails to anyone with email address without the Internet
  • How to send a text message to anyone outside the disaster zone when you have NO CELL SERVICE at all!
  • How to send text messages to your family and close friends when you have NO CELL SERVICE at all!
  • What if the disaster destroys your antenna? You'll learn how to build a backup emergency antenna out of just coax as part of the class. You can even take your antenna home with you!

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