Penguin Slides

A classic game with a holiday theme

High Score: 6591 (Awesome_E)

I had originally made this game in 2015 (and frankly think it is more feature-worthy now). You are the penguin, and you press the screen to control its movement and try to avoid the obstacles. You start with three lives, and you lose one each time you hit a tree, statue, or hole while sliding down a slippery slope. Stars give you a score boost and have a 25% chance of giving you an extra life as well.

What’s changed since the 2015 version? A few things, actually. First, I made the background draw much faster through my smooth background drawing technique, I decreased the number of snowflakes to reduce lag, and I changed the score mechanism to increase more smoothly. The pace of the game used to be too slow, so I increased the number of obstacles on screen at once and decreased the number of lives you begin with to 3 (formerly 5). This would make my long 15 minute game with a high score of 20774 proportional to my current new high score (6591) with roughly the same rate of score increase, making the game about β…“ the amount of time taken (5 mins).

Link to project: