Evolution of Art on Hopscotch

Article written by Awesome_E, all images are from me

The Old Editor

There was once a time on Hopscotch where art did not hold popularity. The editor looked a little like this, and there were no Last Touch variables or when self is pressed game rules. Create a clone existed, but without Clone Index. There was no copy and paste, and instead of see code, the rules were listed. No object view was present.

There were a few things the new editor doesn't have though. See that "Show Preview" button? Yeah. You used to be able to see what that game rule did when it was triggered without playing the project. Also notice how sections were collapsible. Everything was on the left, from colors to variables.

Many people were happy with it, as was I, and many of us long-time Hopscotchers hated the new update in 2016 (I think it was then). It grew onto us eventually.

Basic Drawing with my Drawing Pad at the time

What Published Projects Looked Like

This was a huge difference in many ways. I remember the trending tab filled with coded projects that had good thumbnails, mostly taken by Pi_Studios and Funky 63. Art had only taken off as pixel art, and drawing pads looked a little different.

Even after Last Touch variables, not much changed with drawing pads. There were a few quirks here and there with the tabs, but everything was all well and good.

Take a look at Pi Studios' Drawing pad thumbnail. Yup, you could only move the cursor with ARROW KEYS. That's how business was done. And take a moment to admire the integer limit likes glitch (this was only visual).

Drawings in Trending

This here, MagmaPOP's Link drawing, was the first art on Trending from what I remember (not including pixel art). It was the only art on trending, and the change is not in any way related to MagmaPOP. Unfortunately, trending looks a more like the second picture now, with games and code rarely seen.

Disclaimer: No Offense is intended towards artists or art pad coders on HS.

Art In Hopscotch Now

Art in the app now is like the trending section shows. Mainly requests and doodling are in people's profiles, and each art project seems to get more likes than games do (except featured). Schools dropped and banned Hopscotch after RPs and chatting in class rose, while likes and plays (along with the coded games and projects) declined. I still don't understand why Drawing Pad X isn't popular, but I can show you evolution of art and drawing pads.

Drawing Pad X Update I'm working on

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A typical drawing pad (above) and potentialof Drawing Pad X (below, courtesy of NachoCheeseDip)