Conditional Registration

On this page, Information and links to Transport for NSW web pages and application form. For more information please contact the club registrar.

The 48 to 78 Holden Car Club is a Transport for NSW recognized historic vehicle club and participates in the Historic and Classic vehicle registration schemes through Transport for NSW and the 60 day log book scheme. See the link below.

It is advisable to consult the club registrar as to which registration scheme applies to your vehicle before applying for conditional registration.

To be eligible to take part in these schemes a member is required to meet the following criteria....

  • Be a fully financial member of the club. ( Club membership is due 31st October each year).
  • Initially attend a minimum of 3 meetings or 3 outings in one club year.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 meetings or 3 outings each following year to remain eligible. (During the registration period of your vehicle.)
  • Conditionally registered vehicles must be brought to at least 1 outing per registration year.
  • The club will require you to supply printed photographs of the vehicle at time of application each year, front on, side on, rear on, interior and under the hood.

The vehicle must be....

  • Roadworthy.
  • At least 30 years old.
  • Built by GMH.
  • Holden badged from new.
  • Inspected by the club registrar each year prior to registration being approved. (Pink slip required).
  • Have a minimum Third party property damage insurance. (Registrar must sight documents each year).

Vehicles under the Historic vehicle registration scheme MUST be "as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts (subject to Transport for NSW regulations regarding fitment) and turn indicators, or period accessories and options, if desired.

Historic vehicle registration (HVS) process

These vehicles require a "Pink slip", the appropriate Transport for NSW documents, the club's "Application for conditional registration" form and photos of the vehicle to be taken to the registrar, with the vehicle, to be inspected and stamped before registration at an Transport for NSW office.

(Where seat belt anchorages, including child restraints are not provided by the manufacturer the fitment must be certified as per VSI6, below)

If any modifications are made or non period accessories fitted the vehicle may fall under the "Classic vehicle registration scheme". These vehicles require a "Blue slip" and may need to be engineer certified, depending on what modifications are made. See below.

Classic Vehicle Registration Process (CVRS) (Non standard vehicles)

The process for Classic Vehicle Registration is :

  1. Obtain Transport for NSW Forms and fill out personal and vehicle details,
  2. Obtain Blue Slip. The Blue Slip provider may ask for Certification from a VSCCS Accredited Certifier (Heavily Modified Vehicles). You may or may not rely on old ECS Certificates depending on what changes in the law have been applied since the certificate was issued. Blue Slip Provider is to endorse the “Application for Conditional Registration” in the appropriate locations.
  3. If VSCCS Certification is required obtain Certification.
  4. Obtain Club Stamp to prove Membership of the Club i.e. 48 to 78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley Inc. The club will require, the vehicle to be inspected by the registrar, printed photographs of the vehicle at time of application, front on, side on, rear on, interior and under the hood and completion of the clubs "Application for conditional registration" form.
  5. Mail completed forms to ACMC Pty Ltd (Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs) with Cheque or Money Order for $25.00 NO CASH to PO Box 138 Brighton-le-Sands NSW 2216
  6. For quick response use you can pay an additional $6.35 to ACMC for an Express Envelope for a prompt return.

Remember all of these documents have time limits so it is up to you to apply early and to act quickly . Blue slips only last 42 days and as the postal service may take some time you need to allow plenty of time for the process. (Transport for NSW requires original documents).

Application to Transport for NSW

The following must be presented to a Service NSW Service Centre to establish the Conditional Registration:

  • Classic Vehicle Declaration completed by the Responsible Person and stamped by the club registrar not greater than 42 days old.
  • Current Blue Slip
  • Compliance Certificate (if required). (VSCCS or Old ECS)
  • Application for Conditional Registration completed by the Applicant.
  • Proof of registration entitlement (eg receipt of purchase).
  • Proof of identity (eg NSW Driver Licence).
  • The appropriate fee.

Owners of vehicles registered under conditional registration are responsible for obeying Transport for NSW regulations and conditions. Failure to comply will void registration and insurances on the vehicle and may incur heavy police fines.

Renewal of registration requires the applicant to meet the club's attendance requirements, a pink slip and the vehicle to be inspected by the club registrar as detailed above. Any changes to the vehicle (ie; Wheels) may change which type of registration scheme applies.

For more information please refer to the links below, club constitution or contact the club registrar.

The club reserves the right to not authorise the registration or renewal the registration of members who do not fulfil their obligations to the club as per the constitution. Members not fulfilling their obligations may appeal to the committee and will be required to show cause to the committee why their registration should be renewed.


Historic Vehicle Scheme see the following link.

Note, this scheme is for classic vehicles (over 30 year old) as close as possible to original condition with period accessories and NO modifications.

Classic Vehicle Scheme see the following link.

Note, this scheme applies to non standard vehicles. Which can include wider or larger diameter than std tyres and or wheels or any modification. Please refer to Vehicle Standards Information sheet, VSI-6 below.

Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Book Scheme see the following link.

Note; The log book scheme applies the same to vehicles on the HVS and CVRS. Vehicles on this scheme must write all personal and maintenance runs on their log book sheet. Club runs are excepted provided you carry proof you are going directly to or from or taking part in a club run.

Please see VSI 6 and VSI 9 below regarding vehicle modifications and wheel/tyre sizes.


Application for conditional registration

Conditional Registration App 27 feb 19.png