Rishab Goyal

Email: first-name DOT last-name AT wisc DOT edu

I am an assistant professor in the Computer Sciences Department at UW-Madison.

I am teaching a graduate course on Cryptography (CS880). Email me for the syllabus!

Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, hosted by Vinod Vaikuntanathan. Before that, I was an Apple research fellow at Simons Institute participating in the Lattices program. I received my PhD at UT, where I was advised by Brent Waters. And, I got my bachelor's in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.

My main area of research is Cryptography and Computer Security. In particular, I am interested in post-quantum and lattice-based cryptography with a focus on building secure systems with advanced capabilities. I am also interested in studying the impact of advanced cryptography on influencing public policy and law.

Please send me an email if you are interested in learning more about my research.

Program committees: EUROCRYPT 2020, TCC 2021, PKC 2022, TCC 2022, EUROCRYPT 2023

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  • Multi-Input Quadratic Functional Encryption: Stronger Security, Broader Functionality

    • Shweta Agrawal and Rishab Goyal and Junichi Tomida

    • TCC 2022

    • pdf | slides | video

  • Rate-1 Non-Interactive Arguments for Batch-NP and Applications

    • Lalita Devadas, Rishab Goyal, Yael Kalai, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan

    • FOCS 2022

    • pdf | slides | video