Mrs. Dry

Language Arts 7

April 6, 2020

In the words of one of my favorite villains of all time (Joker) ..."And here we go..."

We are off on an uncharted course of distance learning. There will be stress and anxiety for all involved until we become comfortable with this new way of teaching and learning. Patience all around is the way to go. This first week will be training for all of us. We will learn together how to use zoom and canvas, so don't stress over work until Monday the 13th.

My schedule for the next six weeks

Monday through Friday I will have office hours from 8:30 to 9:30. I will be available by zoom chat or by TPS email to answer questions from parents and students. I will answer email throughout the day until 4:00.

Monday and Friday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM will be English classes for all my students. Sometimes I will hold a live zoom meeting, other times I will post a pre-recorded video. Please check your TPS email for zoom invitations.

UPDATE AS OF 4-6-2020 Eureka!!!!! I figured out what happened to 7th hour in canvas and have fixed it. Now ALL my classes will start from canvas.

All classes please be checking your TPS email for important zoom meeting information. I will be sending them out to each class with a scheduled meeting for Friday.

Of special note: On Monday April 13, I will be out of office. That day would have been my 29th anniversary and I plan to spend part of the day at the cemetery to place flowers on my husband's grave. Please forgive my absence.

Your work for the day will be a pre-recorded lesson with instructions.

Mrs. Dry

Lang. Arts 7

Adv. Lang. Arts 7

MS Lang. Arts Dept. Chair