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Leo E. Ethier Memorial Scholarship

Leo Ethier served as Stamford School principal and classroom teacher from 1972 until his passing in 2006. He was affectionately referred to as “Mr. E” by the hundreds of students who attended the school during those years. Those same students experienced first-hand his “you can do it” and “don’t quit now” philosophies for which he was so well known.

“Mr. E” taught through his own example that real happiness and success in life come, not by focusing on yourself, but rather, by directing your attention to the needs of others. Success, for him, meant using your talents and skills to help others, especially when it was not expected. It meant setting goals and striving to attain those goals, even when it seemed impossible.

“Mr. E” made it perfectly clear to his students that any obstacles or challenges which they may experience could be overcome and, would indeed, make them stronger as a result. He was a goal setter, both personally and professionally, and he encouraged his students to do the same.

The Leo Ethier Memorial Scholarship is available to high school graduates who are also graduates of the Stamford Elementary School in Stamford, Vermont.

Applicatons for this scholarship, along with all requested documentation, must be received by the Ethier family no later than April 15th of the current school year.

The Ethier family is eternally grateful to everyone who has supported this scholarship in the past and to all those who continue to support Mr. E’s memorial scholarship in any way.


2007 = Taylor Erdeski

2008 = Benjamin Carlson

2009 = John Tietgens, III and Michael Bullett

2010 = Elijah Coniglio, Jenna McShane and Jordan McShane

2011 = Samuel Carlson

2012 = Theodore Dobbert, Jr. and Jacob Tietgens

2013 = Alex Dargie and Zia O’Neill

2014 = Matthew Lawrence and S. Stephen Tworig

2015 = No Recipient

2016 = Olivia Carlson and Jillian Tietgens

2017= Lorenzo Cristofolini

2018= Aimee Dowling and Chad Lawrence