Room 17 - Team Building

Week of 1/14/19

Friday, 1/18 - $1.00 Tag Day - For Pete's Sake

Friday, 1/18 - Trivia Night - Lulu Temple

Wishes for a peace-filled, healthy 2019!

A few reminders:

- Please adhere to our uniform policy. Consult the handbook for specifics.

- Absences - please call the main office to report a child absent. In addition, a (blue) note must be sent to school upon your child's return.

-Any change is dismissal warrants a note sent to school.

- The more parent volunteers, the better! Thank you for working to complete the necessary clearances. Contact Mrs. Mesunas, in the main office, with questions/needing further information.

Contact me at with questions/concerns.

Follow me on Twitter @MrsAmorosoSPN to see occasional happenings with our 8th grade and the SPN school community.