The Patriot Guide


  • Riley Dance Marathon will be February 23. Read an in-depth look at the event here.
  • The musical, Guys and Dolls, will be March 29-31
  • Military Ball is April 6
  • Prom will be April 27
  • Graduation is set for May 25 at 11:00 am

updated February 13, 2019


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The journalism students at Owen Valley High School--including those enrolled in the yearbook class and Journalism 1--are proud to announce the resurrection of the school's newspaper, The Patriot Guide. In this space we will provide up-to-date news about events, clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and individuals.

This space will allow us to share with you the happenings at OVHS in a timely manner, not just in the yearbook. Of course, many of these same happenings will be covered in the yearbook. Here, we will focus on writing about the facts and data. On the other hand, the yearbook will focus more on visual stories of these events and more.

posted August 2017