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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) News

SOCS has sent a letter to all parents with recommendations on ways to prevent contracting any virus, plus information concerning plans if the schools are affected by this particular virus. All plans are meant to prepare everyone in the event something happens, but there is no current cause for alarm. Click here to read the letter that was sent via Final Forms.

What You Need to Know (and Where to Find It)

The Patriot Guide staff wants to be sure that you have the proper information to be informed but not alarmed when it comes to COVID-19. We have put together some information for you on a variety of topics. Click on the links below to find more information.

By the Numbers

We have found a website that delivers all the statistics one could want, and then some. It appears that this website is actively updated concerning the virus and its effects.

Click here to see up-to-date worldwide statistics, as well as information regarding cases in the United States.

Mapping the Spread of the Coronavirus in the U.S. and Worldwide (from The Washington Post)

Here is another article that contains updated information. We are uncertain if the map contained in this article will be updated daily. This article contains a map of cases in the U.S., which the article above (By the Numbers) only contains information about countries around the world.


All of the experts seem to be saying the same things:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS, but it seems that most of us haven't been doing this the proper way all these years. In order to see a video demonstrating the "proper" techniques, click here. Check out this photo that allows you to see the difference between not washing your hands at all, not washing them properly, and, finally, what it looks like when you do wash them the proper way.
  • STOP BUYING MASKS UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY SICK YOURSELF. In this article experts say that healthy people wearing masks is not effective at keeping you from contracting the virus.
  • EXPERTS WARN US TO STOP TOUCHING OUR FACES. This article explains the importance of keeping our hands away from our faces to avoid becoming infected with any virus, including COVID-19.
  • The Indiana Department of Education has issued advice about when students are too sick to attend school. See the advice here.

updated March 12, 2020

Upcoming events:

ELearning Days are Tuesday-Thursday, March 31-April 30. Students need to be sure to complete all of their assignments and communicate with their teachers as we all navigate this new learning style.

updated March 30, 2020

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