Digital Learning Badge Program

Welcome to the Digital Learning Badge Program

Teachers have a CHOICE in their learning.

Teachers can choose from topics around Google, Social Media, Blended Learning Web Tools, and Assessment tools. Teachers can choose what they want to learn AND how they want to learn it: through a video tutorial, handout, self-paced lesson, or they can request a face-to-face training. Voice and choice make this a differentiated professional learning experience.

The badges have to be earned and applied for individually by submitting a Badge Request Form and post to the PLPSEdTechSuccess Padlet that includes evidence of using the tool in the classroom. In the end, it is not really about the badges, but about what happens with our students.

Display your badge digitally on the badge board, Twitter or school website. Or, print out the badges and display them outside of the classroom! Be proud :]

For each badge earned, you will be given a raffle ticket to put in a drawing to win a prize

donated by one of the great local businesses in and around Pompton Lakes!

Second Raffle: Coming in 2018!

New badges!

Click here to request a badge.

Click the Digital Learning Badges below for more tutorials about each tool, requirements for earning badges and to submit forms for badges earned.

Please note, most badges will be awarded within 15 days of submission.

***** If you are currently using a tool not listed below, click on the the Create a Badge Tab. You can post to the PLPSEdTechSuccessPadlet to share how you are integrating that tool and earn a badge for your innovation! *****

Google Tools

Interested in learning more about how to actually use individual Google Apps? Click here to install the G Suite Training extension. It will add a small icon to the top right corner of your screen whenever you are in a Google App. Click on the icon to learn how to use the app you are currently in!


Formative Assessment

Creative Tools

Instructional Tools


Critical Thinking