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e-mail: rbrewer@muhsd.org

Phone: (209)325-1200

WELCOME to the online home of Atwater High School AVID.

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID Elective Course Description

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic elective course that prepares students for college readiness and success. Each week, students receive instruction utilizing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum provided by AVID Center, tutor‐facilitated study groups, motivational activities, and academic survival skills. The course emphasizes rhetorical reading, analytical writing, collaborative discussion strategies, tutorial inquiry study groups, preparation for college entrance and placement exams, college study skills and test‐taking strategies, note‐taking, and research.

Who is the AVID student?

  • Highly motivated
  • 2.0-4.0 GPA
  • Average to high test scores
  • First-generation student in family to attend college
  • Historically underrepresented racially, culturally, or economically in colleges and universities

What are AVID's core strategies?

What are the expectations of the AVID student?

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes
  • Maintain an organized AVID binder
  • Take Cornell notes in all core classes
  • Be an active participant in weekly tutorials
  • Complete the four-year university requirements prior to graduation
  • Be enrolled in at least one honors or AP course
  • Take college placement exams, including PSAT, SAT, and ACT
  • Complete the FAFSA and apply for scholarships
  • Apply to at least one four year university
  • Participate in AVID field trips and extracurricular activities

W riting

-Cornell Note-taking

-Learning Logs

-Quickwrites and reflections

-Process Writing

-Authentic Writing

I nquiry

-Costa's Levels of Thinking

-Socratic Seminars



C ollaboration

-Socratic Seminars


-Philosophical Chairs

-Group activities and projects

-Peer editing groups

O rganization

-Binders and organizational tools

-Calendars, planners, and agendas

-Graphic Organizers

-Project planning and SMART goals

R eading

-Deep reading strategies

-Note taking

-Vocabulary building

-Reciprocal teaching