Mall ~ Lasertag ~ Clay Corner

8:00 Recognition Assembly in Field House

8:30 Gather at Door 1, attendance, board bus.

Clay Corner- Check in with Mrs. Ewan.

Laser Tag- Check in with Mrs. Fischer

9:00 - Drop off Clay Corner Group

9:00-11:00 Reservation for 20 kids.

11:00-12:30 Hu Hot for lunch.

12:45-1:45 Mall stop.

2:00 load bus, head to laser tag venue to get the other group at Wausau on the Water.

9:15 - Starbucks stop for Laser Tag Group

9:45 - Depart for mall

10:00-11:45- Mall, lunch stops in food court, light shopping.

11:45-Walk over to laser tag (Wausau on the Water). Bus if very, very cold- about 6 blocks. Overlap with other group if the bus is needed, but should be fine.

12:30-1:00 Reservation for laser tag. 20 +3 chaperones. We got a reduced price. $12. Chaperones can observe from above or participate!

1:00-2:00 Arcade games or have a coffee/cola and sit in the cafe, hang out.

2:15 Bus pick-up at venue

2:50 Merrill HS arrival.