The Coffee House EXPERIENCE

Location: English pod

Time slot: PM Session

Your Hosts: Mrs. Bonack, Ms. Janz, & Mr. Ellenbecker

Cost: Nothing

What is the "Coffee House Experience?"

Find your chill as the soft and calming melodies of the coffee house Spotify station reverberate off your eardrums.

Enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee or cocoa "on the house" as you take in the warmth and tranquility of being safely tucked inside during the harsh winter's day.

Read a book, do homework, work on your screenplay, or simply pretend to be doing something pretentious and important while comfortably crossing your legs and and rubbing your chin in apparent deep thought.

While encouraged; berets, handlebar mustaches, tweed coats, and Birkenstocks are not a dress code requirement.