About Us

Librarian, Mrs. Lisa Blount


Reading, cultural and outdoor activities with my family, painting and jigsaw puzzles

Favorite foods

Chicken Tikka Masala, croissants, dark chocolate and Mexican food

Favorite subjects in school

Art of course, Band and PE

Favorite books now

Spy/Suspense Novels, , Biographies, African American stories

Kid books: "One Crazy Summer series", "The day the crayons quit", "The book with no pictures"

Favorite books as a kid

"Pippi Longstockings", "Where the Lilies bloom" and "How Fletcher was hatched"

Something I am proud I have done

Built a beautiful blended family, started a charity that fed school children every weekend of the school year

A goal I have had for a long time

Go to Paris and Hawaii

My most inspirational teacher

Mrs. Delores Craig, HS social studies: She had high expectations of everyone, she taught us about integrity and respect and challenging ourselves.

She was a cheerleader for us in academics, sports and life

CONTACT US: Lisa Blount, librarian, 209-953-8785, lblount@lusd.net