Board of Trustees

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Welcome to the the Loburn School Board of Trustees web page. The Board, like all school Boards under the Tomorrow's Schools program, is charged with governance of the school and ensuring compliance with legislative requirements. If you are interested in further information about the role of the Board a good source is the NZ School Trustees Association website that can be found at or at the Ministry of Education site at which is the Board section.

Bot Chairperson: Steve Chick

Principal: Stuart Priddy

I have been the principal of Loburn School since 2003. In that time the roll has grown from 89 to its present roll of 160 students. My main role is overseeing the day to day management of the school, which includes personnel, property and finance. However, my main role is ensuring that our students are given quality teaching and learning opportunities and that our staff are supported to ensure they provide these opportunities.

Parent Representative: Tracy Moffatt

Parent Representative: Grant Dunnett

Parent Representative: Nick McLachlan

Parent Representative: Caleb Ford

Staff Representative: Rebecca Milburn