Instructional Technology Department

The Instructional Technology Department supports staff and students in achieving the district's digital learning goals. LGSUHSD is a G Suite district. We also use Canvas as our Learning Management Tool. We support our students and staff on these and many other platforms as well as maintaining classroom technology and the district's network infrastructure.

2018-2019 fall semester, LGSUHSD students/teachers created in Canvas:

Assignments: 19,035

Discussion Topics: 2,285

Files Uploaded: 30,452

Media: 1797

LGSUHSD Access For All Students:

Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District offers gently used laptops to eligible families. Students will receive a gently used laptop with a free operating system (Ubermix), Google Chrome, so they can achieve their learning objectives 24/7. We have partnered with EveryoneOn to offer eligible families low cost ($10.00 monthly) at home Internet so all students can access resources online 24/7. Learn more here: Please make a copy & complete this form. Submit to Traci Bonde for verification. I'll verify, respond to you & we'll prep a laptop and work with you for a handoff.

Student Technology Needs Assessment & Addendum


Consistency with choice, model workspace, training and support, reliability and availability of equipment. Options for Teachers:

Baseline Essentials Package:

    • Teacher Laptop
    • Document Camera
    • Single Large (80” HDTV), Ultra Short Throw Projector (LED) or Interactive Projector
    • Lightspeed Audio Unit: HDMI output
    • USB DVD Player