Dept Updates

2018-2019 Winter IT Board Presentation.pdf

2018-2019 fall semester, LGSUHSD students/teachers created in Canvas:

Assignments: 19,035

Discussion Topics: 2,285

Files Uploaded: 30,452

Media: 1797


This week Julianne Yeaman led training for our cafeteria staff on a new web-based solution for managing students, fees, and adding inventory management that will lay the foundation for improving operations at both schools.

IT staff finished the last AP exam support that needed technology : AP Music Theory was taken on iPad’s. We are now officially done with this years cycle of AP testing, minus makeups. We had 0 errors due to any hardware or network issues in our control! Great job team!

5/10: As a result of the Measure E Phase II approval that occurred in the winter, 42 classrooms across both campuses have been upgraded with new ceiling mounted projectors and verifying mounts are safe, verifying cabling & all audio is working as expected or we installed new systems with video streaming easily for any teacher.

5/3: This week we did a dry run for the AP exams with great success at both high schools. No issues to date. Matt updated our phone system firmware so it is secure and current! We began kickoffs on two new software solutions (Titan Schools & Schoolmint) for our cafeterias and registration process that will benefit staff, students, and community: more to come on the topic.

4/26: Recently we installed WIFI in the LGHS small gym, dance room, and added more coverage for large gym. Now both sites have WIFI (SHS was done in same areas in the fall) in every internal meeting area and students & staff can access with their own safe accounts: This information is public facing on the IT site

We have setup 100 iPads & 65+ PC laptops for May AP testing & have tested headphones and will be ready to fully support AP testing in May.

4/19: We have begun the 1st pass of the Measure E Classroom AV project. To date, 22 rooms have updated ceiling projectors + cabling simplified & cleaned up, audio tested/replaced/added, etc. Once ceiling projectors are finished, next up will be classrooms that need 80” HDTV's, interactive short throw and short throw projectors. Teachers who indicated a need for a new document camera (they are in) and/or USB DVD player (they are on order), Larry/Dan will be meeting with them soon for support/setup. Here’s the sample how-to guide provided with 1:1 support:

Julie/Kris offered in person training on the new Respondus LockDown browser for Canvas in an effort to deter cheating/web surfing while taking exams. Teachers not in attendance were offered a Google Hangout & a video was created for those who could not attend. The Aeries Student Information System migrated from on premise to hosted. Thanks to Julianne for this effort. Hosting our SIS streamlines access and is more secure.


Dan & Tim were honored to host three student workers on Monday as part of the LGHS Job Shadow program. They got a tour of all things IT and then jumped in and worked alongside the team. Support for teachers, WASC members, and parents also was provided on Monday for our district PD day.

Following the last Board meeting, all updated Board approved technology policies are available on the public facing IT site: LGSUHSD IT Site

3/15: This week Matt Lipford from the Instructional Technology Department worked with installers in lighting up our data in SHS Building 800. Clocks/PA systems are now live. Next up will be installing Access Points for WIFI followed by presentation and AV systems in designated spaces.

Julie Grenier, Julianne Yeaman and myself went through a formal audit debrief of our Google system for students/staff/teachers with IT Amplified. This audit outlined options following industry best practices for security and reinforced settings in Google are secure for the tools we use in our classrooms. Learn more here at our IT site: Google FAQ. Google Education Apps, This resource & others are available to staff, students, parents, and the community at large.

3-8: Technology Services and the Curriculum Department worked together this week with site Assistant Administrators to prepare for the spring high-stakes test season. Final planning meetings occurred covering necessary equipment/computer needs, network preparations, and support. Planning is occurring for projects that will occur over spring break & initial planning is beginning for summer projects.

1/31: In response to California student data privacy laws enacted and updates provided by the Lozano Smith Attorney Law Firm, F3 Law Firm, and California School Board Association Board Policy recommendations,,at the next Board meeting you will be introduced to seven draft of revised Board Policies as information.

1/25: Upon completion of two formal rounds of audits in classrooms during summer 2018 and during instruction in fall 2018 by the Instructional Technology Department, the plan and budget estimates have been created for the installation of classroom audio and visual equipment that will occur beginning late spring and into summer at both campuses:

1/17: Instructional Technology department has had a busy week responding to challenges with the weather. We had a brief outage at Saratoga High School that resulted in a number of hours with our main admin building offline. We discovered a fiber cable issue that we will resolve ASAP. Matt has done an outstanding job learning how to troubleshoot and respond in his new position in a timely fashion following IT industry best practices.

We are also continuing our work on preparing gently used laptops that in addition to being made available for checkout to students in need, we can make available to substitute teachers when they arrive on campus and do not have access to a device. Each site has a number of older Mac laptops that have been tested and ready for production for just this need. Very excited to be able to offer this to our Principal Secretaries in an effort to ease any support needs they have.

1/10: Matt is beginning a County effort of implementing best practices in our firewall. This will ensure we best utilize our firewall to optimize the Internet experience for users while maintaining safety and compliance with required Federal CIPA, FERPA, and Califtiona State Data privacy law. Thanks Matt! Great job partnering with network staff in neighboring districts.

During winter break, the IT department worked on several projects:

  • Split 91 into 2 rooms and installed Audio/video, relocated phone and printer for the Special Education department
  • Provided 15 Chromebooks for students in ASSIST and Special Education for their learning goals
  • Installed audio and rack equipment in the Los Gatos High Community Room so that space can be used without a requirement for Maintenance setup saving labor
  • Installed audio in the Drama classroom at Saratoga High

12/21: During finals week, the Instructional Technology Department took an opportunity to work on projects. We have been pulling hardware/equipment for EWaste, updating iPads in our new MDM (mobile device management), prepping gently used laptops for eligible students for a take home program, cleaning projectors in classrooms, and updating our VOIP (CISCO phones) system. During the January 2-4 window, we will be moving more WIFI AP’s (access points) at LGHS in the 500 wing, loading Audio Visual technology in a Special Education classroom, and overhauling the equipment in the LGHS community room. Please thank the team for the hard work!

12/14: Matt attended Linux server certification last week with CETPA ( California Ed Tech Professional Association) TAPD (Technology Advisory Professional Development) and is now certified in level I Linux server management. He’ll begin evaluating our various servers future proofing needs with Linux tools where applicable. Tim continues to make strides in updating iPads in our mobile device management solution and streamlining support for our student technology, more to come...

12/7: Traci Bonde/Kris Orre met with a representative from Epson to learn best practices to optimize configuration for the Interactive Boards we have in some classrooms. Next step is walk classrooms to verify all are set up correctly and talk with teachers about training needs. Larry continues to run updates/install Adobe products on student devices to meet course goals and introduce video editing across disciplines. Tim is continuing iPad migration from a one MDM (mobile device management) to another with realized cost savings and eases time spent in tool. He is chipping away at LGHS, SHS is next.

11/8: This week Traci Bonde will conclude walking every classroom at both high schools talking with teachers about their technology needs. Progress is being made with troubleshooting interactive board software on MAC’s with a goal to optimize full functionality. Instructional Technology is also 3 weeks into a new MDM (mobile device management) software implementation for our iPads. Tim Nielsen has been migrating iPads into this new system with slow steady success & adding APP’s per staff request. Thank You Tim.

From Kris Orre:

My write up on today’s #1CoolThing Coffee Session @googledocs. Continuing to try and give @LGSUHSD Teachers as many opportunities as possible to learn new things. Had fun and excited to do the same @LosGatosHigh next week.


On Monday, for our #SEL Collaboration staff time, Kris Orre led a drop in session at Saratoga High on “All Things Tech”. Kris has been supporting teachers 1:1 in using innovate tools with Canvas like Flipgrid. Check out his updates via Twitter with his newly created #1CoolThing. We wrapped up our Classified Training Series this past Tuesday on the topic of Google Drive File Management in an effort to help staff be more efficient.


This week, we continued updating critical systems, servers, and Matt Lipford created two new servers for our Bells/Paging system that is secure & modern. On Tuesday, classified staff attended the second of a series in workflow & technology tools training to ease time spent emailing for calendar and managing staff communications.


On Monday, Traci Bonde/Carrie Bosco walked classrooms at Saratoga High. We had a chance to talk with Matt Holmes? (leadership) students about the wifi installations occurring in the following areas this week: quad, large gym, small gym, dance studio, and lobby outside gym. Students were encouraged to reach out directly to Traci Bonde if they experience any dead zones. Staff in the department continue to work on E Waste, updating Adobe products in applicable classrooms, and prepared another 5-6 gently used laptops for student who need technology at home. Data is being gathered now thanks to help from Adam Minyard/ Brian Thompson for the BOND Phase II installation of simple elegant classroom technology. The small black box is an audio system (see image) one HDMI cable to a laptop/desktop, and a projector. See new classroom building at LGHS to observe the equipment in action!


The Instructional Technology Department unveiled a new website targeted for staff, students, and parents.It is linked on both school sites and the district website. It provides information on procedures, accounts, and new content on digital citizenship, privacy, social media tips for parents and more. Please take a moment and review the resources: We’ll be adding more on a regualr basis. A survey was sent to all Classified staff requesting interest for their professional growth to assist in being more efficient using online tools. Staff responses and a series of trainings will be offered at LGHS/SHS/DO on Google Drive File Management, Optimizing Calendar, Google extensions for workflow. All sessions will be 1.5 hrs in length and a focus on bringing a work item so it is a “Make N Take” training and led by LGSUHSD staff! All critical servers were updated this week to the most current version. This is needed to remain secure and guarantee no loss of time accessing critical resources liek Aeries student information system, directory services, file servers, and storage used in courses at both campuses. Kudos to Matt/Julianne for running updates.

10/4: This week, we prepared 4 gently used devices and assisted students who do not have technology at home. We will provide information on our partnership with See more here from our website:

LGSUHSD Access For All Students:

Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District offers gently used laptops to eligible families. Students will receive a gently used laptop with a free operating system (Ubermix), Google Chrome, so they can achieve their learning objectives 24/7. We have partnered with EveryoneOn to offer eligible families low cost ($10.00 monthly) at home Internet so all students can access resources online 24/7. Learn more here: Please make a copy & complete this form. Submit to Traci Bonde for verification. I'll verify, respond to you & we'll prep a laptop and work with you for a handoff.

Student Technology Needs Assessment & Addendum

9/20: Instructional Technology Department is deploying enterprise level tools for computer management & getting very close on our Mobile Device Management solution for MAC’s & iPads. All of these tools will make management of said devices much faster and insure less down time for needed updates, adding APP’s etc. Stay tuned for more. Matt Lipford led the department in a comprehensive training on printer rollouts, industry best practices for management and troubleshooting tips. These trainings are going a long way to ensure both sites follow proven best practices. Thanks Matt.

9/13: We hosted our 2nd Cohort of GMasters (Google Chromebook recipients) September 11 for a full day of training/networking. Teachers were provided time to design 2 innovative lesson plans to be delivered utilizing Chromebooks within the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned for more udpates.

9/7: The Instructional Technology Department hosted five local districts learning wifi implementation practices on August 29 with two Apple System Engineers specializing in wifi deployments for agnostic student use. As a result we optimized the access points. We are finalizing formal heatmapping and CISCO controller settings across all campuses too. Access points in our McAfee Center were relocated this week to allow a better experience for our community in that space, thanks to Ben Brotzman and Steve Cunningham for their effort.

8/24: The Instructional Technology Department deployed new Chromebook carts in classrooms and Kristofer Orre/Traci Bonde have begun meeting 1:1 with Google Masters (aka.: GMasters) Cohort 2. Google Cohort 1 will be invited to all offerings made to Google Masters Cohort 2 Kris/Traci are also planning out the years worth of support for Tech Leaders. More to come on this topic. Staff in the department participated in the 1st of a 4 part series of training led by our beloved Steve Cunningham beginning with networking troubleshooting. Staff will have diagnostic tools to use in the moment network issues are identified to expedite downtime and guarantee a robust experience on WIFI.

8/17:The Instructional Technology Department has been very busy during the summer of 2018. Beginning with generating 927 freshman student accounts for all of the various software utilized in instruction. Working with contractors, temps, and our fabulous volunteer of the year, 12 new classrooms were loaded with audio visual technology and new document cameras. Two hundred plus classroom tasks were completed as staff removed old equipment/gear and streamlined functionality for teachers presentation stations. The most significant project of the summer was the total Wi-Fi overhaul that continues through August. We should expect to see great benefit from the changes made. Thanks to Julie/Steve/Julianne for all of the effort on that project.

IT Board Presentation: August 28