Our full time TOSA, Kristofer Orre, has created a professional development-based YouTube Channel called 1CoolThing. 1CoolThing is for all staff, not just teachers. The goal is to record short videos on cool things that could be implemented in a staff member's own context, and grow an archive of cool things throughout the year. These can be tech/non tech related. They can vary as screencasts, live videos in classes, or short interviews with teachers. What's more, we're hoping others will feel inclined to share their own cool things and it can become a collaborative endeavor.

The plan:

  • Kristofer Orre (Coach) will regularly share one video at a time from the YouTube channel. Watch it whenever you want. If it piques your interest, and you want more information, reach out to Coach and he'll do a follow up appointment. If it's not for you, totally cool and no pressure. Check out the next one that comes out.
  • You all do SO MANY COOL THINGS that really benefit students, so please invite Coach to come watch and maybe record a 5 min video of it in action. He can also help you do your own recording. Perhaps you just tell him about it, and he does all the video stuff.

Help Get the Ball Rolling

If you are willing, complete a quick form if:

  1. You know of a cool idea, and would LOVE A HOW-TO VIDEO on it.
  2. You have a cool idea you'd like to share, but either you do not know how to record it, or don't want to record yourself. Or, maybe you just don't know how to add it to the playlist.