Accompanying Communities toward Health & Equity

Insights on Promotora-Driven Change

Online Learning Series

The objective of our Accompanying Communities toward Health & Equity Online Learning Series is to begin connecting with organizations throughout the nation about the threats and risks that low income communities face. Our goal is to increase opportunities for improving quality of life in our communities, including prevention and management of chronic diseases, applying a social determinants lens and amplifying peer based efforts. Through this project we hope to increase the capacity of community health workers and their supervisors to engage in systems-based strategies to create healthier communities, reduce health disparities and increase health equity in the low-income or marginalized communities where they live and work. By the end of the project, participating organizations will have:

1. Improved readiness to engage in community, place-based, policy work

2. A written Policy Action Plan to guide the community advocacy work

3. Sample tools, documents, and resources

4. Certificate of completion

Webinars will be held twice per month from January to June 2018.

Webinars will explore:

  • How to accompany and engage with the community genuinely without tokenizing
  • Practical tools for advocacy and policy change
  • Opportunities to network and share solutions with other organizations across the U.S.
  • Examples of how low communities are addressing or resisting gentrification, school-to-prison-pipeline, and lack of investment in youth
  • and much more!

This learning series is recommended for organizations that:

1. Are nonprofits of at least 10 years

2. Have an established peer-to-peer model of service deliver (e.g., promotor)

3. Provide services to low income communities of color

4. Are interested in establishing or growing policy advocacy efforts

5. Are interested in advocating for chronic disease prevention and management (including mental health)

Interested? Please fill out this form by September 29, 2017

20 selected organizations will be notified by November 2017

For inquiries, please email us at or call at (714) 542-7792 x1079