About me

Isabel Murillo Wilstermann is a passionate learner who loves teaching and engaging in challenges. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. In Venezuela Isabel obtained a university degree in Human Resources. Although Isabel is not homesick, her heart beats faster when she suddenly hears a Venezuelan accent somewhere or when she cooks arepas, a traditional Venezuelan cornbread. Most of her family comes from Bolivia and she even had a German great-grandfather who emigrated to Chile in the 19th century. In order to honor this courageous decision and a history of cultural blend, Isabel always uses her two last names. The story of her family is filled with migration tales and Isabel is not an exception! She loves traveling because she can broaden her horizons. Isabel feels Venezuelan, Bolivian and German at the same time. She is proud of her Latin American roots and of her German identity.

Antwerp, Belgium | Piñata with my students | 2005

Hamburg, Germany | Magnolia | 2018

In 1999 Isabel emigrated to Europe to satisfy her curiosity. Since then she has lived in Spain, Belgium and Germany. She has fallen in love in every place because she has met fantastic people everywhere and every city has its own magic. She now lives in Hamburg and despite its moody weather, she likes the city very much. Isabel knows that after grey and rainy days, when the sun finally shines, Hamburgers go crazy of happiness and celebrate life. That is why her favorite season is spring! Magnolias, rhododendron and cherry trees blossom and this is an inspiring spectacle to contemplate at the Hamburger Stadtpark.

Listening to music is one of Isabel's hobbies (or more than that). For her it is like Max Richter -a German composer- said in an interview: “für mich ist Musik so eine Art verstärker, vertiefer von Gefühle und Geschichten”. She thinks, like him, that music amplifies feelings. Apart from music, running gives Isabel joy and energy! She is lucky enough to have found a jogging group and a coach that helps her to make progress. Jogging is fun but requires dedication and perseverance. For Isabel, this activity has elements in common with her dissertation process and she would like to be able to run a 21K by the time she finishes her research.

After many years focused exclusively on Spanish teaching, Isabel has discovered new opportunities to develop professionally. For that reason she has embarked in teaching and research projects with professionals from Germany and from abroad.

Kiel, Germany | Check out the ProPIC poster! | 2018

Her research and practice interests are: classroom interaction, initial teacher education, course design and development, the use of technology for language teaching and learning, reflective practice and (e)portfolios for language teaching and learning.

At the University of Kiel, where she currently works, she enjoys teaching and therefore she aims at improving her practice. For that purpose, she asks for external support to evaluate her teaching and learn about her students' needs. Isabel also actively seeks for learning opportunities (exploring her classroom, attending workshops, visiting schools, etc. ) and exchange with scholars from other faculties.

Isabel is willing to connect research with practice by developing her new side as a researcher and this is one of her major challenges. In her professional future she looks forward to more opportunities for international and interdisciplinary cooperation, to continuing her work in initial teacher education and to designing well grounded educational interventions that promote teacher professional development.


Isabel Murillo Wilstermann | Lehrbeauftragte für Spanisch | Romanisches Seminar der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel | Leibnizstraße 10

Zimmer 111 | 24118 Kiel | Tel: +49 (0)431 8803304


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