9:15-10:00 AM


Think Like Christians will be led by Pastor Jeff in the AA/Boy Scouts Room on the first floor. This class will seek to grow our faithfulness through the transformation of our minds. The hope is that as we grow our minds to "TLC," that we'll also grow our hearts to show "TLC" as well. The class will rotate between the topics of Bible study, Christian ethics/contemporary issues, and church history. Topics will be addressed through 5-8 week seminars and participants in the class are expected to help the pastor determine which topics we'll engage.


This class, led by Diane Crosthwaite, meets in the 3rd floor classroom (the one closest to heaven!), which can be found at the top of the staircase just outside the sanctuary. We will continue our study of Paul’s letters this year and are ready to begin with Ephesians. We informally examine the historical perspectives surrounding the scripture and discuss the messages for what we can glean for our lives today. All are welcome!"


Taught by Dick Mickley, this class meets in the Weld room, next to the Reception Room. The Israelites told their community faith with stories, and retold it to each new generation. Down through the ages, followers of Jesus took up the stories and put new life in them. We, of this generation, retell these same stories as we add our own stories of faith and life to this great Story of life with God. Storytellers uses a critical approach to the Scriptures that frees us from the constraints of the written words to give us insights of the Holy Spirit. It follows the story lines of the People of God and follows them through the Bible. This fall we will be starting with a study of the prophets as leaders of God’s people.