Vote Jocelyn, Hanover Selectman, May 6, 2017

Jocelyn asks for your support in the May 2017 Hanover selectman's race. Hanover is a wonderful, giving community and she is eager to dive in and help move the town forward. As we continue to grow in size, Jocelyn will work hard to expand upon our business tax base while maintaining our small-town character and charm.

Jocelyn's 25 years of professional experience driving change and improvements uniquely position her to serve Hanover at this point in time.

The ability to get difficult things done coupled with a proven track record of bringing people together while using humor and candor makes Jocelyn an exceptional candidate for Hanover Selectman.

Four key focus areas:


  • Ensure transparency about project plans in town and that residents voices are heard
  • Encourage the next generation(s) to get involved in local government
  • Support the continued hard work and innovation in Hanover schools to ensure all children are equipped for success.


  • Set goals for route 53 revitalization, Sylvester School renovation, and St. Mary’s site that prioritize residents concerns to maintain rural charm while preparing Hanover to meet growing service demands for the next 50 years.Address the rising tax burden on residents in Hanover and work with town and local resources to reduce the need for our senior citizens to leave town due to increasing costs.
  • Continue to foster and increase commercial business growth on the route 53 corridor, ensuring a strong commercial tax base in Hanover by working with business leaders and local regional government to focus on attracting business and services needed by Hanover residents.
  • Actively participate in budget build process to ensure we as a town are making smart choices about when and which projects to complete.
  • Understand use and plans for town assets, ensuring opportunities for reuse today, and maintain flexibility and stores to meet future needs.


  • Create a visible, everyman-accessible format for residents to understand current water demands and challenges, and share a clear plan to remediate these gaps both short and long term.
  • Commit to making sure our fire, police and supporting services have the resources needed for our growing population and increasing density.
  • Build upon the existing Fireworks site plan; address risks

Changing Town Government

  • Continue to support evolution of town government to support Town Manager. Jocelyn was an enthusiastic proponent of our move to Town Manager Act, and could not be more pleased with the efficiency, opportunities, and professionalism this move has brought to our town.
  • Establish clear role of Selectmen's Board and drive to shape the policy, goal setting and strategy role of the Board for the coming decades. Jocelyn has significant experience in moving organizations through periods of change and providing insightful guidance to leadership teams. To learn more about Jocelyn's professional experience please visit: .


Lifelong Hanover residents Jocelyn and David Keegan, have been married for 19 years and are busy raising their young boys, 10 and 12, in the town where they were raised. After living in Boulder, Colorado and Washington D.C. as a young married couple, they decided to move back to Hanover in 2002 to raise their family while surrounded by multiple generations of family and friends. Jocelyn is a 1988 graduate of Hanover High and Dave, class of '87.

Jocelyn brings an uncanny ability to get things done, honed through more than 25 years of leading software development and change management programs. Her career has spanned the building of financial products on AOL back in the '90s to running her own consultancy as a stay-at-home mom. Seven years ago, she decided to focus her work in product management and change management to improve US Healthcare system. She spends her days working with America’s leading healthcare payers and vendors to increase automation and reduce the headaches of Drug Prior Authorizations and Electronic Prescribing for pharmacies and doctor’s offices.

Why Now?

Jocelyn works hard to make smart, pragmatic choices in life and believes she will be able to successfully carry these traits over to serving the greater community at large. She is eager to represent you, families like us, her neighbors and Hanover. A recent change to a part-time virtual job, shedding a long commute coupled with her growing children, has created an opportune time to return to service.

Join us: 781-264-1630

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