Race Day Tips

Quick Tips to Make your Track Season Enjoyable, Organized & Safe

1. Race events last several hours -- be prepared

2. Arrive early – events can be rearranged without notice (e.g. events moved up/down on the schedule)

3. Listen for when your event is being called – don’t rely on someone else to tell you when to warm-up or check in

4. Bring sunscreen

5. Bring water to practice and track meets

6. Proper running attire is required – including running shoes, spikes and clothing. Spikes in shoes before arrival

7. Bring cover ups if mornings are chilly

8. Coolers with wheels are suggested for track meets (easier to roll than carry over a long distance)

9. Bring healthy snacks, food and beverages to track meets.

10.Most meets are FREE to attend, but it’s suggested to bring some extra cash to purchase event t-shirts, food & drinks.

11.Kids are not permitted to wear ‘flip flops’ to track meets.

12.Kids must wear the official team uniform (i.e., imprinted singlet, racing jersey, shorts) -- make sure shoes/spikes are double tied and secure -- parents please assist the younger runners.

13.Write your name on all personal items (i.e., shirts, shoes, bags. . .etc)

14.Stadium seats and cushions are recommended

15.Kids can bring electronic devises/games/books to help pass time

16.Cheer team members to the finish line!

17.Make sure all trash is picked up around you before leaving. Bring a trash bag to the track meet.