Brennan Motorsport Metal Works

Brennan Motorsport Sway Bar Blades & Accessories

Custom Brake Hats

Custom CNC Machined Bellhousing Adaptors,Extensions & Mid Plates

Custom Billet Alloy CNC Machined Engine Plates

Fabricated Transam style 3 Link Differential Housing. We can produce these housings any length, any pickup type.

Alloy Welding Services Available

Custom designed and manufactured aluminium radiators for all applications.

Custom Swirl Tanks Made to order. Any combination of fittings, any length & diameter. One pictured for Transam Corvette.

Power Steer Pump brackets and complete assemblies. Manufactured for any vehicle, engine combination.

NIssan RB 30 Dry sump Oil Pan. We can manufacture oil pans for any engine.

GT, Transam Style CNC Machined Billet AlloyTop A Arms

GT, Transam Style CNC Machined Tie Rod Ends - varying lengths and threads. Common sizes in stock

GT, Transam Style CNC Machined Watts Linkage Pivot, Single, Double, Triple Positions available

GT, Transam Style CNC Machined Watts Linkage Pivot Brackets & Pins - varying lengths bolt holes etc available - common sizes in stock

Transam/GT Lower A Arms available in three lengths and options for mounts and spacings. Fabricated using all components CNC cut and welded on CNC'd Jig. Giving precision not always seen with these types of parts.

Dash For HQ Holden, Made As Direct Replacement

Adaptor From Industrial Engine Flywheel To Driveshaft Running Large Pump

We can offer CNC lasercut brackets as well as CNC Machine cut brackets from all material types

Lithium Ion LIPO 4 Battery clamp

Laser Cut Stainless Adjustable Body Mounts ready to be folded

Folded angle Body Mounts

Exhaust Mid Mounts

Tanks for Radiator Overflow and Breathers

Towing Eyes - Wind In - Fabricated Brackets to suit your application

Chassis Brackets pictured to suit GT/Transam - available CNC'd or Laser Cut

Custom Made Stainless Band Clamps - any length. Ideal for holding filters,fuel pumps,breather tanks,overflow bottles,power steer & clutch bottles etc

1970 Mustang floor mount handbrake mechanism so that all original cables can be used along with driveshaft loop to meet regulations.

Our demonstrator car -Holden VT - 410 Alloy SB Chevy - Injected and NOS - Hollinger 6 spd sequential - billet alloy Ford 9 inch. Track test day goes horribly wrong when a rear shock burst 3/4 way thru a turn. Car should have been a right off but we fitted front chassis rails and all new panels from windscreen forward. While apart we strengthened the chassis rails and added gussetting to all important places. Took 2 1/2 weeks to complete,start to finish and retuned.

358 All Alloy SB Chev V8 into Mazda Rx7 Road Race car. Fabricated firewall,tunnel,wheel arches,rollcage,etc. Final coat of paint going on.

Early model Falcon Brembo disc conversion

Brake Hats 3D machined lightening featuring sprung loaded full floating set up