eLearning Practice Day

No School: Friday, November 16th

Baugo Community Schools has been approved to use eLearning days during the 2018-2019 school year! In preparation we will be participating in an eLearning practice day, Friday, November 16th. This will be practiced by all students K-12.

This practice day will give our students, faculty, staff and most importantly our parents an opportunity to utilize digital tools for learning away from the classroom. The use of eLearning days will help support student learning, minimize changes to the school calendar, and allow parents to make plans with more confidence.

Electronic Learning (eLearning) refers to days where students complete their classwork on the internet outside of school (home, library, etc). These eLearning days can be built into the schedule or used on inclement weather days.

The use of eLearning days will allow us to make up missed days without adding any days to the end of the school year. We look forward to providing tools to our students to help enhance the learning experience in Jimtown Schools.

For refer to eLearning Q&A for more