Small Business Lead Generation

Your Problem

Small businesses struggle to find enough money for marketing initiatives. Most of the time, those initiative don't work or don't meet expectations. You don't need to be in business for long before you feel the pain (nay, embarrassment) of shelling out your hard won money on a new strategy to bring your business to the next level. Starting out with high hopes, probably egged on by an over eager "consultant" or ad salesman, the feeling of disappointment as the "potential" for new business turns to dust. After a while - its easier to stop bothering. At the very least, no one can call you a fool for banking the money for a rainy day.

A Solution

What if there was a way to never have to spend a dime on finding new customers ever again? I'm not talking about building "word of mouth" by delivering great service to your existing customers (let's assume you already have that one nailed). I'm talking about a solution used by millions of businesses around the world. Using some tools I'll tell you about later on this page, it has never been easier and it is guaranteed to work.

How can we be so confident? Because we stole garnered inspiration from the excellent Traction by Gino Whitman. Gino no doubt pilfered borrowed the technique from someone else. That is not important. What is important is that it works and it works every single time. So here it is in all its glory:

  • Make a list of your very best top 5 customers. Think about what it would mean to your business if every customer were just like those top five. Now use that list to jot down the attributes of your ideal customer. Let me make that easy for you. Include:
    • Their job title
    • Location
    • Age Group
    • Industry
  • Next, decide how many of those ideal customers you would need to have your dream business.
  • Use LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to define lists of those customers. (If you don't have access to Sales Navigator - read on)
  • Collect the lists in a database or spreadsheet
  • Send a LinkedIn request to each prospect including a link to something valuable they would be interested in
  • Done right, 1 in 3 people will accept your request and 1 in 10 will start a sales conversation.

I'm going to include a video below along with a workbook on exactly how you do that. But before I do that ...

Why should you listen to us?

The Nerd Academy is a initiative backed by and Their founders mentor the nerds and help them succeed. Part of that mentoring is sharing this successful technique. They use the very same tools and training with entire teams of people employed on just this marketing strategy alone. You should listen to us because we have eaten our own dog food on this one. Every day we start tens of sales conversations with prospects using the

The technique had its origins with's partner program. In the video below,'s CEO, James Kennedy, walks through the steps in the process and explains it all in plain English.


The great thing about this technique is you never need to spend another dollar on prospecting again. Why? Because you can build a perfectly targeted list which is large enough to achieve all of your business goals.

Think about the number of ideal customers you have. Is it 5 or 10? More? Now think about if you could 10x that number. Instead of 5 or 10 dream customers, you had 50 or 100. What would that mean for your business?

Now comes the smart part.

You can use this technique to build a database large enough to build that dream business. If 100 dream customers would totally transform things for you - then build a perfectly targeted list of people exactly like your dream customer. Say 1,000 prospects.

The great thing about this strategy is that because you target your list so carefully, reaching out to them becomes much easier to do. You already know you do a great job for this type of customer, so you know you can help them.

Moreover, building this list of contacts over LinkedIn, permanently connects you to this market. If you do it once, you'll be connected forever - an asset in your business (and for you personally).

Done for you

The Nerd Academy is delighted to all of this for your business. Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be supporting hard working, diligent staff who happen to need the work more than most. Book a call now with us and we can work with you to find out whether this is right for you.


We are so confident in this approach, we are offering a 100%, no-quibble, money back guaratee on your first 100 leads.

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